a spolu s rodinou sa vrátil do svojej “domovskej” Vineyard Church v Anaheime. Niektorí asi viete, niektorí nie, ale po niekoľkých mesiacoch šuškania je už azda bezpečné sa tomu venovať.

Pred mesiacom vypustil na Instagram asi prvý oficiálny post, kde teda ďakuje za prežitých 10 rokov a všetko toto pekné – šak si pozrite. S Reddingom chce teda spolupracovať naďalej a vyzerá to tak, že sa rozišli v dobrom. Opätovná spolupráca s Vineyardom, kde zamladi vznikli jeho najväčšie hity (aj vďaka Rieke Života známe) ako napr. Sweetly Broken alebo Christ is Risen, môže zato priniesť veľmi zaujímavé výsledky. Držíme palce, Jeremy!

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#Repost @bethelmusic ・・・ Update from @jeremymriddle — Hey Family! As many of you are aware, the Riddle family went through a big transition in June of this year when we moved back down to Southern CA. Leaving Redding and Bethel was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. We cannot put into words what this church community has meant to us and the incredible home its been for almost 10 years. Our season there saved our lives, healed us up, gave us hope again, permission to dream, reminded us why we’re alive, and revived the purpose and fire we were meant to carry into the future. I shudder to think of where we would be without the love and leadership of Bill and Beni Johnson, Kris and Kathy Vallotton, Danny and Sheri Silk, Eric and Candace Johnson, and Brian and Jenn Johnson. And even though we’ve transitioned out of Bethel, they are a forever family and home to us Riddle’s. We NEVER thought we would leave Redding, but it seems the Lord had other plans. 🙂 We started receiving words about a transition back to Southern CA as early as 2013, and it scared us so much we quickly buried those words and tried to forget them. Ha! But again, God has a way of softening a heart and here we are, back down in Southern CA. Many have asked what we’re doing here and where we’re ministering. We feel God moving so powerfully in this region and in the nations and we’re prayerfully navigating the part He wants us to play in it all. Our dear friends Alan and Kathryn Scott recently took over the @vineyardanaheim (our previous church of 15 years) and even though we’re not on staff or serving there in any official capacity, we’ve loved reconnecting with them and what God is doing in that church! To sum it all up, I recently had a conversation with a friend and he made a remark that has stuck with me. He said “Things are accelerating in the earth, God is going to use somebody, and I REALLY want Him to use me.” Couldn’t have said it better. 🙂 If you want to follow our journey, follow online! Blessings! Let heaven come! #bethelmusic

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